Farm Shop

Our farm shop features many items produced or crafted by family members and friends.

Our inventory changes every year as well as within each Christmas season, but here's an idea of what to expect:

Jeanne, Sally and Amanda make Christmas wreaths.

Caroline and John make jams, jellies and prepared foods, like scones and hot sauce.

Jim and Ek make Adirondack chairs and other wooden items. Jim also makes terrific woven goods on his loom.

Stephen and Amanda provide eggs and cold-season vegetables, as well as soap and ornaments.

Claire makes cloth wallets and Christmas ornaments.

Laura and Josh make apple butter and delicious pork sausage.

Windsong Apiaries in Castleton provides our honey.

Our friend Keith makes finely crafted cutting boards out of interesting woods.

And last but not least, occasionally we will feature Sally and Jeanne's hooked rugs and Frank's ironwork.