Side members and legs connected by lower back brace and front piece
Finished chairs with footrests in front
All the slats attached, ready for the seat components
Chair Prices 4

Information about availability:  

Please contact Jim for more information about these chairs or to place an order: or call 540-937-5062

Adirondack Chair Construction

         During the Christmas tree sales season in 2015 I decided to put up a sign that I would make chairs for any who wanted them, and to my surprise 27 people signed up.  I have since made many more.  These Adirondack Chairs are made from 5/4 pressure treated decking boards...the same boards used everywhere to make outdoor decks.  This wood is thick enough and durable enough to give long service.  It resists deterioration outdoors and does not require paint or stain, though either can be applied if desired.  I also make footrests for the chairs, and have made some benches as well.  All of these items can be ordered.